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The Training for Mekin Hydropower Station Trainees in China Come to A Successful End
Release time : 2019-09-20 15:20:33

      On September 20,2019, the graduation ceremony cum farewell meeting for the trainees of Cameroon Mekin hydropower station were held in the conference room on the second floor of O&M Power International Training Center. Mr. Wang, assistant president of CNEEC and project manager of Mekin hydropower station, Mr. Xin, deputy general manager, Mr. Qu, Chairman of O&M Power, Mr. Yin, Deputy general manager, Mr. Dong, Second Division General Manager, Mr. Xue, Marketing Manager, and all the trainees of Cameroon Moken Hydroelectric Power Station attended the ceremony. The graduation ceremony is hosted by translation department manager Mrs Fei.

      At the meeting, Mr. Dong, the person in charge of this training and manager of second division, summarized the whole training. He said the training lasted three weeks and was divided into two stages: theoretical hydropower training and the practical training in bulb turbine hydropower station. During the training, the trainees are serious and diligent in their study, they have learned a lot in a limited time, and achieved the current learning target, and their power plant management ability and technical level have been improved accordingly. Subsequently, Mr. Xin, deputy general manager from CNEEC and Mr. Yin, Deputy general manager of O&M Power distributed the commemorative gifts for the trainees; Mr. Wang, assistant president of CNEEC and Mr. Qu, Chairman of O&M Power distributed the diplomas for the trainees, and delivered a speech respectively.

      It is known that the O&M Power international training center, especially good at the basic theory training of power plants, can customize the training course and material on the needs of the power plant equipment and system. The most important characteristic of teaching is to use the 3D multimedia courseware developed by ourselves to show the plant production process flow, equipment working principle, system structure, medium flow direction, parts details including internal and external structure; this teaching feature enables trainees to have an immersive experience and an effective and comprehensive understanding of the construction, commissioning, operation, equipment maintenance, overhaul and other processes and major technical projects of power station. O&M Power is especially good at providing quality training service for overseas customers and the teaching results are well received by trainees and owners at home and abroad.

     Through this systematic and professional training, the professional skills of Mekin hydropower station trainees have been significantly improved. At the end of the training, the trainees have mastered the operation and maintenance technology and management methods of the hydropower station units. We believe that they will surely be the backbone of the management and production positions in the power station, and their achievement will also establish a good foundation for the safe and stable operation of the subsequent power station.

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