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The Safety Activities Document of the Kauswagan Project
Release time : 2019-10-29 10:40:03

      In October, Shanghai Electric Power, the contractor of Kauswagan project in the Philippines, organized and carried out a safety inspection, focusing on the safety rules and regulations, management system, actual implementation and daily safety management learning of subordinate subcontractors. This inspection is also an inspection to the overall safety management of our project department, and the inspection results fully meet the requirements and regulations.

Security Inspection Documents

      Safety training should be carried out with a focus. It is required that all staff from the professional to the monitor shall make a list of the dangerous sources, dangerous points and other unsafe factors , mermorize and give specific training on such subjects combined with their own professional characteristics. ,Accident prediction and safety cases are all training materials, and make everyone bear in mind the concept of everyone's responsibility for safety production in the training. The solid development of the three-level safety training, not only to train thoroughly, but also to establish three-level safety education training record while completing the necessary class hours.

Holding Monthly Safety Production Meeting

      Through this activity, we made clear the training objectives: to make all the staff be able to do five things, that is, to meet the safety standards, to realize job responsibilities, to acquire operational skills, to remember emergency plan , and to take preventive measures .No matter in the weekly safety production meeting or monthly safety meeting, the key issues should be repeatedly emphasized, so that the safety awareness of all personnel can be effectively improved and the string of safety production is always tight. Taking this activity as an opportunity, the project department further strengthened the management of production and daily life. Have an internal self-check of shift leader’s log, shift takeover and handover record and defect report registration system to see whether it is standardized and detailed. Check whether daily shift takeover meeting is concise and focused. Make management of daily work strict to shape a positive working atmosphere and rigorous and realistic style of work. Strictly follow the rules of going-out and coming-back in our daily life, encourage everyone to take an active part in collective activity, such as cleaning the camp, maintaining public facilities, or doing kitchen works to increase the project staff cohesion, to strengthen the understanding and to enhance the affection between each other, making overseas employees who are far away from their relatives and hometowns feel  like home and create conditions for them to work in a better state.

Holding Monthly Safety Production Meeting

    Everyone is responsible for safe production. The Kauswagan project department strictly abided by the company's safety system and kept the bottom line of safety. The project department's attitude of being responsible for the safety of employees' lives and the company's property was affirmed by the general contractor.


Kauswagan Project Department, Philippines
Zhang Yingzhou

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