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Electric Power Engineering Professional Translation Service
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  Electric Power Engineering Professional Translation Service

Electric power engineering is an engineering related to generation, transmission and distribution of electric power, including application of electricity as power and energy in various fields in broader sense. Since 20th century, electric energy is mainly generated by thermal power plant, hydropower station and nuclear power plant. If permitted, tide, geothermal heat and wind energy are also utilized in some regions. In order to accelerate the development of generation of electric energy, construction of high-capacity unit (about million kilowatts) and high-capacity power generation plant (millions of kilowatts) are required. Meanwhile, all kinds of medium and small sized power plants should be built according to local conditions. Furthermore, new technologies  of power generation such as MHD power generation, nuclear fusion power generation and superconductor power devices shall be developed for the sake of future.

Adhering to service philosophy of high efficiency and high quality, NWPower boasts a vocational belief of punctuality and confidentiality (power plant EPC engineering general contracting). The corporation strictly performs international standard quality management system and operational procedure of TRANSLATION, REVISION, CHECK AND REVIEW. Accuracy and professionalism of translations are guaranteed by language experts and technical professionals. NWPower constantly perfects its services and builds up its own professional brand.     


NWPower has a strict institutional assurance in electric power engineering translation: strict quality assurance system and project manager responsibility system.  The corporate formulates strict internal project system procedures ranging from pre-translation document analysis, translation to revision and review, type setting and dead copy, realizing quality control throughout the whole processes to ensure professional, efficient and punctual translation service. 


At the same time, NWPower has a strict technical assurance system in electric power engineering translation: foundation of data processing center and comprehensive utilization of latest information processing technology.  Specific term banks are established for different fields and they derive from authoritative business dictionaries and strictly-selected original documents and files. , which ensures the accuracy and professionalism of the translation from the source. In this way, universality as well as pertinence of the terms are ensured and strengthened respectively. Professional words are picked out in advance and handed out to specific translators after being translated by senior translators. Those words are also marked by office software in the files, guaranteeing uniformity of words in the context.    

Dedicated to cost saving and value creating for clients, translation team of NWPower wins long-term, constant and stable cooperation with clients by preferential price and stable quality. It advances together with clients and helps realize maximum of client resource value, achieving win-win with clients in the real sense. Providing professional language solutions for clients and setting an example for standard and healthy development of translation sector, the translation team does its part in Sino-foreign culture and information communication and cooperation.     

Because of work requirements, NWPower incessantly devotes itself to translation work of electric power engineering around the world and owns the best translation expert team in power industry at home and abroad (power plant EPC project general contracting). It has over 50 full-time professional translators who all possess foreign language professional qualification certification. Moreover, foreign experts, employed specially, are responsible for quality control (power plant project technology commissioning service). Characterized by full-time, standard, large-scale and professional translation service of Power engineering, NW Power ranks top in the world.


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